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My background

James Milroy, Woodrow Wilson High School (Long Beach, CA) Art Teacher, thought I was something special and cheered me on. I received the Bank of America and school art awards on graduation.  I studied drawing and painting at Cal State Long Beach (and attended a great summer figure class at UC Irvine with an encouraging John Paul Jones) while getting a BA in art history. After earning an MA in art history at the University of Washington (and landing a summer internship in the education department of the National Gallery of Art), I took a different direction to a career in human services and nonprofit leadership. Fast forward decades and with retirement in November 2017, my painting interest was waiting.  Now, time for more learning and growth. 

Several groups have provided a great home for reengaging in the Seattle area. The Issaquah Figure Group has met for decades each Monday with a model. On Instagram, check out @issaquah_figure or email to learn more.  Urban Sketchers Seattle suggests places to gather and sketch several times each month, with an end-of-meeting throw-down to share results. Check out  With two others, I launched Urban Sketchers Issaquah/Sammamish.  Find future outings on the Urban Sketchers Seattle site under East Side Outings, or find us on Facebook. The structure of working a theme within a time frame was provided by The Sketchbook Project. My theme for a Series 14 sketchbook, was Go Between, which has a catalogue number of 365.30-2 at the Brooklyn Art Library. Learn more at

Partial view of Sunset on the Deck

My Work

For many of my teen and young adult years, I created holiday cards by cutting shapes and layering paper to form a bright but recognizable landscape (there is a gallery of these). This interest in silhouetted forms and color blocks inform my work in other media as well, as do an interest in landscape, bright colors and the use of windows as framing devices. These elements have continued to suggest themselves to me. Let's see where they take us.

Partial View of The Dalles, OR

About these Art Works

You may contact me directly if you have a question, comment or an interest in acquiring works shown here.

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